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 Post subject: thoughts
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:03 am 

Joined: Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:54 pm
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My thoughts on the evolution of sim play in this league and madden in general.

It is becoming apparent that quantity over quality is becoming a trend. Guys playing in multiple online cfm’s. If you have the time for that then by all means that is great. I’ve read a couple times the phrase “adapt or die”. I Couldn't agree more, but how are we adapting? I hope that you take the time to read this and more importantly I hope you choose to leave feedback. I will mention names here, don’t get offended, they’re merely examples.

We are enforcing the wrong stuff.

Every in game play and sub menu should be available to be used. QB sneak, FB dive, pass commit and run commit etc should be available. We have made a large assumption that everyone has the same integrity. It states in BFSL rules multiple times that you shouldn’t play to “win at all costs”. Does that mean to cater a set of unenforceable “rules” to the certain few that figure out how to manipulate the game in a “sim” manner? We want everyone to write “scouting reports” yet put almost no effort into enforcement of simply, i.e. Twitch. We should have a review and complain committee. Every game is archived and reviewed per the request of the plaintiff. I can read every scout ever written on Brundog, IT AIN’T GONNA MATTER HE’S BETTER THAN ME!! It’s okay for Daone to go pa and do 65 hot routes but I can’t go overtop pass commit when I know he’s going to run a hybrid pa all go’s play? We are trying to fix a broken game with half ass rules that we don’t even monitor!

What rules should we have?

No switch? I think so but is it enforceable? Tackle battle buttons? I think so but is that enforceable? Catch icons? I think so but is that enforceable? Manipulative no huddle? Enforceable. Fake plays? Enforceable. Excessive abuse of money plays or plays that didn’t make sense in down and distance? Enforceable. Basically this is what makes it sim! We’ve all seen this online ranked and this is what ruins the experience.

Comprehensive trade/fa reform

Have a transactions committee. Set a more standardized set of contract rules. This goes toward really being sim. No 7 year deals to keep your cap room cool because you know you're mid game cycle. This goes hand in hand with the decision to not sim seasons. If we’re going to play every season per game cycle we have to throttle the contracts.

We need more chiefs

I’m not saying we need more commissioners. We need committees added to lessen the burden of the commissioners. Trade/ fa Committee. Complaint/ infraction committee. Communication committee.

The real rules we should have.

No twitch- no play. No groupme/ phone #- no play.

The future success of this league starts now.

We have the opportunity to save this league in the next 7 months. If we don’t try I have a feeling we’ll all be elsewhere for 18.

 Post subject: Re: thoughts
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:07 am 

Joined: Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:54 pm
Posts: 21
One idea I'd like to add is the idea of adjusting play clock acceleration. Run that clock down farther to put more pressure on both sides of the ball to adjust quicker. The nfl is a fast sport. I rarely remember watching an nfl game where the play clock is at ten seconds when the ball is snapped. It's always near zero when the ball is snapped. This puts the onus on playcalling. It also make the adjustments more pressure latent heat of the moment type decisions that a QB or MLB would have to make. Leading to more mistakes, more punts and more sim.

 Post subject: Re: thoughts
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:10 pm 
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Joined: Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:10 am
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You should've had the title of this be "Fozo 2017 - Make BFSL Great Again" LOL

Look, I can respect and appreciate what you're trying to do here, I'm trying to help get this league up to speed on the changing landscape of technology and gameplay. I also think that if there are so many things about this league you don't like, you don't have to play here. And follow me when I say that I absolutely in NO WAY mean "play our way or leave!" because absolutely there should be things that evolve and we adapt to. We have a solid group of 15-20 guys who play almost every year. That's pretty impressive. Good guys too.

For example - Agree 100% on twitch. No reason not to stream games any longer. I am guilty of not archiving, but up until the Giants post about how to do it on the GroupMe app, I wasn't sure how and didn't take the time to learn how. I should have my archives set up now.

I also agree that GroupMe should be required. However, like some I've talked to, YOU HAVE TO TURN THE NOTIFICATIONS OFF! GroupMe was the most annoying/battery sucking thing I've ever downloaded. Now that I have the notifications off on my phone, it's awesome and I'm enjoying talking with everyone. Even you Fozo.

Let me tackle a couple more thoughts of yours from my perspective

"We are enforcing the wrong stuff" - I will admit, this needs to be address each time a new Madden comes out. Some things that were overpowring or considered "cheese" the game developers have taken out. Aggressive catch used to be so broken, that rules needed to be put in place in almost ALL online leagues. We adjust and adapt the best we can. So each year when Madden comes out, we need to start playing games online vs each other before they start to try and figure out what is what, each and every year. QB sneak isn't what it used to be, FB dive can be stopped now, run commit still feels a bit too aggressive, and I'm not sure pass commit even makes a difference from what I've read online? Guys still crash on play action, etc.

"What rules should we have?"

No switch is a great rule, in my opinion and has to stay. Tackle battle/catch icon buttons are a great innovation by Madden and should be used - We should absolutely discuss this! I don't think we have many "rules" issues...maybe I'm wrong. It's simple...guys don't like to play other guys who are just there to run 10-11 plays, and think they are good at Madden. I have a handful of guys that almost every time I play I refer to our games as "chess matches" because it felt like intelligence won the game, not repeated vertical routes or playaction passes when a situation doesn't make sense.

"Comprehensive trade/fa reform" A transactions committee? Sounds like a policy in my office in real life where we have meetings just to set meetings to talk about upcoming meetings. That goes right into the "We need more chiefs" statement. There aren't any burdens of the commissioners...the biggest burden is the recruitment of new members. I'm 100000% in favor of a recruitment committee! Fozo, get a group together and run with it! Get our league filled. Brun and I have taken over for Suep because of his outside life responsibilities, but both Brun and I have also recruited a couple guys within the league to help out when we can't cover something.

Accelerated play clock idea - I think this might be worth looking at. Maybe dropping down to 10-11 seconds? Something to consider.

Fozo, I love that you took the time to lay everything out. It means you care about the league. Clearly a lot of us do. I have time for one league, and only one league. Brun and I pour a lot of time and effort to making sure you guys all have the contact numbers you need (I sent out 3 texts today to guys asking about a phone number of a league member) Suep has done a great job keeping this ship afloat for all these years. We'll keep moving this thing forward and absolutely 100% address all issues/concerns that make the most sense for the betterment of the league and all of us!

I hope to have DaddyLeagues done soon with all twitch accounts, and OperationsSports is in the process of being cleaned up permanently. The implementation of GroupMe and Twitch has been great, and that's all from league member feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this a fun league for so many years.

You're the man Tig, keep your feedback coming :)

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